Un workshop tout frais payés pour l’enseignement des technologies en anglais mais en allemagne

Un workshop tout frais payés pour l’enseignement des technologies et pour des passionnés de technologies – en Allemagne

une belle occasion d’échanges et de connaitre d’autres façons d’enseigner.  15-17 juin à  Duisburg-Essen.

Prof A Mueller vous propose :

Dear Collegues.

the Centre of Excellence for Technology (CETE*) is a network of leading academic research institutions in the sector of engineering education.

It offers training workshops** for teacher students and in-service teachers, which might be an excellent offer also for science teachers with technology interests,
or working at schools with technology-oriented education tracks (Centre de Formation Professionnelle etc.)

Participation is completely free (fees, travel and accomodation costs included), and 6-8 places are reserved for teachers from Switzerland.
Interested collegues can apply directly at the website** till 30/4, and are requested to contact the Swiss contact institution about their participation (Stefan.Kruse@fhnw.ch)

Invitation transmise par
A. Müller / Section de Physique/Faculté des Sciences et IUFE

HERE you get an overview about the workshops.

A few examples of workshops

  • Workshop 2 – Designing Our Tomorrow (DOT)
  • Workshop 5 – 3D printing in the classroom
  • Workshop 7 – Energy in the MobiLab
  • Workshop 10 – Problem Solving – an Example with Gliders


Programme & registration

HERE you get an overview about the workshops. HERE you get a detailled programme.
HERE you can register on the teacher workshops until 30 April 2017.
HERE you get the information about DAAD funding for teachers from United Kingdom, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Netherlands and United States.
There is no conference fee.

15 – 17 June 2017, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

The CETE Teacher Workshops are advanced training measures for teachers and students funded by the DAAD. Different workshops will be offered as well as the opportunity of professional exchange and networking in the field of technology education. The CETE Teacher Workshops want to connect cross-national as well as interdisciplinary teachers for an exchange.

The CETE Teacher Workshops are directed to teaching staff and students who develop work material and implementation possibilities for STEM subjects and want to use these in their classes. Herefore, the multidisciplinary knowledge from the CETE network’s research projects and different other partners are presented by speakers within 13 workshops and afterwards exemplarily illustrated on the basis of working materials. Hereby questions and remarks, as well as discussions on the topic are welcome. All in all a limited number of 20 participants per workshop are planned in order to be able to pick up and discuss individual questions and interests.

Futhermore, international keynote speakers will give an overview about the current state in technology education. In a market place with several publischer’s, teachers will get the possibility to experience new ideas and materials.

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